Admissions Requirements

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Applicants to the Clinical Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) Program must meet the following minimum requirements:

Undergraduate Degree: An undergraduate (BA or BS) degree in any subject from an accredited college or university is required to attend the PsyD Program at CNU. We do not require a degree in psychology.

Minimum GPA: We require an undergraduate GPA of no less than 3.0 or a graduate GPA of no less than 3.3.

GPA Exemption Petition – Applicants who do not meet the minimum GPA requirement may submit a petition for exemption if they feel that extenuating circumstances have adversely impacted previous academic performance. Petitions should include a brief personal statement explaining the factors involved and the reasons why an exemption from the GPA requirement should be considered. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit supplemental documentation demonstrating academic ability and previous intellectual/academic achievement. Examples include: GRE score, scholarly publications, other indicators of academic potential

 Please complete the form below and email to

GPA Exemption Request Form

Coursework: Applicants are required to have completed at least 3 units in each of the following courses (or equivalents) before beginning classes at CNU (applicants who have an undergraduate (BA or BS) or graduate degree in psychology are exempt from this requirement. Applicants with degrees in related fields (e.g. counseling) will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis).

– General Psychology

– Developmental Psychology

– Abnormal Psychology

– Statistics

The following are not required, but are encouraged:

Clinical, Volunteer, and/or Research Experience: While not required, preference is given to applicants with demonstrated interest in the field (e.g. volunteer work, community outreach, crisis line work, ABA experience, counseling, case management, research/lab assistant experience, etc.).

Graduate Records Exam (GRE): We encourage applicants to take the GRE general test (the psychology subject test is not necessary). GRE scores provide our admissions committee with valuable information concerning aptitude and preparedness for graduate-level coursework.

 The CNU College of Psychology institutional code is 4045. Enter this code on the ETS website to electronically send your GRE scores directly to CNU College of Psychology.