Academic Calendar

2018-2019 Academic Year

Fall 2018
Begin Date End Date
Orientation  Thursday, August 30th  Friday, August 31st
Holiday—Labor Day  Monday, September 3rd
Fall Academic Semester  Tuesday, September 4th  Thursday, December 20th
Holiday—Thanksgiving  Thursday, November 22nd  Friday, November 23rd
Final Exams  Monday, December 17th  Thursday, December 20th
Holiday—Winter Break  Friday, December 21st  Friday, January 25th
Grades Due  Friday, January 18th
 Spring 2019
Spring Academic Semester Monday, January 28th  Friday, May 24th
Holiday—Martin Luther King, Jr. Monday, January 21st
Holiday—President’s Day Monday, February 18th
Holiday—Spring Break       Monday, March 18th  Friday, March 22nd
Final Exams  Monday, May 20th  Friday, May 24th
Grades Due  Friday, June 7th

2019-2020 Academic Year

Fall 2019 – 15 weeks
Start Date End Date
Orientation & Welcome Ceremony  Thursday, August 29th  Friday, August 30th
Holiday—Labor Day  Monday, September 2nd
Start of Instructional Courses and Practicum (2nd-Year Students)  Tuesday, September 3rd  Thursday, December 19th
Holiday—Thanksgiving  Thursday, November 28th  Friday, November 29th
Final Exams  Monday, December 16th  Thursday, December 19th
Holiday—Winter Break  Friday, December 20th  Friday, January 24th
Grades Due  Friday, January 17th
 Winter Intercession – 5 weeks
Winter Intercession (Practicum only) Friday, December 20th Friday, January 24th
Holiday—New Year’s Day Wednesday, January 1st
 Spring 2020 – 16 weeks
Start of Instructional Courses and Practicum (2nd-Year Students) Monday, January 27th  Friday, May 22nd
Holiday—Martin Luther King, Jr. Monday, January 20th
Holiday—President’s Day Monday, February 17th
Holiday—Spring Break       Monday, March 16th  Friday, March 20th
Classes Resume  Monday, March 23rd
Final Exams  Monday, May 18th  Friday, May 22nd
Grades Due  Friday, May 29th


Practicum dates apply only to 2nd-year students.

Calendar is subject to revision