Doctor of Psychology Degree (Psy.D.) in Clinical Psychology

Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2018

Program Overview

Our Mission:
To advance the science and practice of psychology by developing future clinicians trained to promote health through knowledge, research, service, and social responsibility. 

Our Vision:
To provide training to future psychologists using the latest scientific research to promote health, illness prevention, consultation, assessment, and the treatment of psychological and other health-related disorders. 

The Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) Program at CNU has been carefully constructed to set our program apart. Throughout our curriculum, attention has been paid to providing students with the guidance, support, and exemplary training required to excel as professional psychologists. We believe strongly in fostering a graduate culture with high student engagement, individualized attention, inter-professional collaboration, and rigorous academics. We offer smaller class sizes, lower student-to-faculty ratios, and do not require weekend, evening, or summer classes.

A Five-Year Curriculum

We offer students the needed support and guidance to complete the Psy.D. Degree in five years – minimizing cost and accelerating entry into the professional workforce.

Our innovative five-year program begins with a unique practicum preparation clinic featuring standardized patients (actors), allowing students to build a repertoire of basic clinical skills under the direct supervision of clinical faculty. This model provides our students with a head start on developing interview, assessment, and diagnostic skills prior to beginning their practicum and internship experiences in years two through five. 

Our curriculum is specifically designed to provide students with the discipline specific knowledge and profession-wide competencies outlined by the American Psychological Association (APA). Course series include Human Diversity, Foundations of Behavior, Assessment, Interventions, Psychometrics and Research Design, Internship Preparation, and Dissertation Preparation. Click below to view our full five-year curriculum.

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In Years 1 through 4, students meet quarterly with a dedicated faculty advisor to ensure that they are on the right track to meet their academic and professional goals. These quarterly reviews synthesize feedback from academic faculty and field-placement supervisors to provide students with the best possible guidance toward earning their Psy.D. Degree.

Reduced course loads in Year 4 help students focus on applying to APA internships and completing their dissertation research. Dissertation Seminars and Internship Preparation courses further support and guide students toward timely completion of dissertation research and acceptance to paid APA internships.

Our students benefit from the truly inter-professional culture at CNU. In Year 3, Psy.D. students learn alongside M.D. and Pharm.D. students in the year-long Leadership in Health Professions seminar – allowing our students a head start in forming working relationships that will serve them well in professional world.

Program Philosophy:
The College of Psychology is dedicated to pursuing six central tenets as guiding principles: Curiosity as a guiding spirit to scholarship and clinical work; Integrity as scholars, professionals, and clinicians; Diversity of people, ideas, and beliefs; Accountability in our work as mental health professionals; Respect for our work, our colleagues, our clients, and ourselves; and Relationships as the fundamental building block of our profession.

A Focus on Work-Life Balance

As healers we are asked to give of ourselves. At the College of Psychology we believe in balance and periods of renewal. 

  • No mandated weekend classes
  • No mandated summer classes (individual practicum contracts may extend into the summer)
  • A reduction in classes during the fourth year so that students can concentrate on dissertation 
  • A semester workshop to assist in completion of internship applications
  • A year of workshops to help you complete your research​ ​