Mental Health Counseling Services

To assist students in times of need, California Northstate University offers counseling services to support students in meeting their emotional needs and personal goals. Counseling involves creating a safe, therapeutic relationship between the therapist and student. The therapist listens without making judgments in order to understand the student and what s/he wants to accomplish in counseling. The therapist helps the student set and work toward achieving goals. College students may come to the counseling office with mental health issues including increased stress, depression and anxiety as well as concerns about their academic progress, daily living, adjustment to graduate school and relationships with others. Students may also seek counseling if they are in crisis, however, students do not need to be in crisis to benefit from counseling services.

Counseling is confidential and separate from any academic student records. Students may also seek assistance with receiving referrals for specialized care. The counseling office continues to strive to support students outside of the counseling room by providing workshops, presentations, and activities that promote student wellbeing and reducing stigma in seeking services. The counseling office encourages ongoing feedback from students on how to improve services and increase support.

Counseling is confidential and open to all students.

Hours and contact information to make an appointment are posted throughout campus and are subject to change. Inquire at the Office of Student Affairs and Admissions for more information.